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With our extensive research across vast career options for students, we provide schools with qualified counsellors who understand students’ queries, assess their interests and accordingly counsel them to the right programs to help students make an informed decision for their careers.

Student/Parent Offering

Students can approach us to explore not only the right career option for them but also to be aware of the diverse career paths available under a particular program. Therefore we take each student’s query with utmost sincerity as choosing the right career is decisive for a student.

Counsellor Offering

We conduct the counsellor training session and certification program to equip aspiring counsellors with the right set of knowledge required to guide them to successful careers. Such training sessions feature comprehensive knowledge of the…

Mental Health Solution

Generation IQ offers safe and confidential counselling to help students overcome their mental health issues. Our well-structured therapy and counselling services are underpinned by counselling and clinical psychologists. We offer secure access to mental health…

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